To all students and to whom it may concern:

Since the unfortunate fire at the main Honbu, I have been struggling to stay in touch with friends and students alike. Here is the new Honbu address, so that memberships etc. Can be forwarded to me.

First Floor Cotton Hall Mill,
Cotton Hall Street,

All memberships should be sent to this address in the same way as always and made payable to W Tattersall, just as they always have.

Anyone wishing to get in touch by email may do so through

I am still available for seminars and am still eagerly enjoying martial arts.

Also I wish you all to know that as far as the UKJJAI goes Mr. P Chadburn is now seeing to business on my behalf.

DNBK memberships again should be sent to the new Honbu address in the same way they have always been.

Shihan Allan Tattersall, Hanshi.